Press release F.a.n.i.mar

By Events

On 29 November 2021 the C.d.A met del Fanimar who provided a series of
statutory obligations and in particular the election of the new President in the person of Dr.
Maurizio Campagnoli and the Vice President Mr. Fulvio Rossi.

The Management Committee will consist of:
– Com.te Re Piero Luigi President;
– Com.te Gianfranco Monteverde Member;
– Sig. Rossi Fulvio Member ;
– Sig. Giovanni Scarso Member.

The National Secretaries of the Maritime Unions were present:
– FIT CISL, Sig. Vincenzo Pagnotta;
– UIL TRASPORTI, Sig. Paolo Fantappiè;
– FILT CGIL, the Liguria Manager Luciano Rotella, by delegation from the National Secretariat.

The President Dr. Maurizio Campagnoli underlined “The Fanimar is registered in the Registry of
Health Funds. It has a fundamental task for the welfare of any maritime workers
countries. This task is developed not only through leading Insurance Companies,
but also directly, through interventions in favor of seafarers and their families”.

F.A.N.I.MAR is a Fund managed by bodies made up of Members, all exclusively engaged in
voluntary scheme, partly nominated jointly by the three O.O. S.S.: FIL CGIL, FIT CISL and
UIL TRASPORTI, Maritime Sector, see the Board of Directors (15 members) and in part
elected by the BoD itself, see the President, the Vice President and the Management Committee
(C.d.G.) composed of three members.

The F.A.N.I.MAR operates, non-profit, in order to provide members (all workers of the
maritime sector) social welfare services (direct), within the limits of their own
resources available year by year, as well as, in application of trade union agreements, services in
health, accidents and others, making use, for these, of particulars and
specific insurance policies in agreement signed for this purpose.

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