Protection of the professional title and related

The F.A.N.I.MAR, through its reference Insurers, has further developed the Policy to cover professional risks. It now consists of two sections, i.e. Legal Protection, deriving from the exercise of the navigation activity and a form of income support in the case of suspension and/or withdrawal of the Professional Title deriving from a maritime accident. As is known at CCNL level, the Shipowner provides legal assistance, but not income support, to Masters and Chief Engineers. Should the individual opt for insurance coverage of his own choice (Art. 65 CCNL), he will receive from the Shipowner an annual sum of 240.00 euros. The F.A.N.I.MAR for a lower sum (Euro 225.00) also offers income support as above.

Without going into details here on purely insurance-related information that can then be requested from F.A.N.I.MAR, we would like to emphasise two important points: firstly, coverage is extended to all interested parties who wish to join (incurring the cost), i.e. also to Deck and Engine Officers, but also to any other on-board positions taken on as having a qualification, such as Officers. The covers apply not only to boarding on national flag ships but also foreign flag ships. Secondly, it is not required, as is the case with other offers on the market, to be compulsorily registered with any organisation or association in the sector. This further reduces the overall outlay for the interested party.

For further or more exhaustive information as well as to know how to join, the interested party may contact the F.A.N.I.MAR at the telephone number 010/2518524 (Secretariat).

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