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Fanimar is a non-profit assistance fund for all workers in the maritime sector


Why choose F.A.N.I.MAR

Because it is distinguished by its ability to speed up the processing of applications and the subsequent payment of benefits as well as by the constant and punctual assistance provided by the staff in charge and also by the management bodies.

Because the health services that can be provided are extended to the members of the member's household as shown on the Family Status Certificate, with the sole exclusion of members other than the spouse (or "more-uxorio" cohabitee), children and parents.

Because all workers found to be already enrolled at the date of retirement can continue to receive health benefits, subject to authorisation by the C.d.P., at favourable contribution costs, supplemented by the F.A.N.I.MAR, depending on the resources available from year to year, until the age of 90.
At the age of 90, the retired Member will become a 'Benemerite Member' at the Fund's full expense.

Because it has provided, by way of derogation, for the possibility of continuing to provide health benefits even to retired members who have passed the age of 80, placing them in a special band, again depending on the resources available year by year.

How can we help you?

Health Benefits

The F.A.N.I.MAR operates on a not-for-profit basis with the aim of providing maritime workers' members with health services to supplement the SSN.

Accident Benefits

Accident benefits were created in 1997 with the aim of supplementing statutory insurance protection through welfare cover.

Social welfare payments

The Fund also provides social welfare benefits to help Members and their families in particularly difficult situations.

Legal advice

All F.A.N.I.MAR members, registered in their names in the Fund through the Supplementary Health Fund, may benefit from Free legal advice provided by a leading professional firm, which will provide, depending on the matter, a specialised lawyer.

About us

The F.A.NI.MAR is a self-managed workers' fund that provides health and accident benefits, directly and indirectly, through conventions with leading insurance companies, taking into account concrete needs in the social field and therefore not necessarily linked to the typical mechanisms of insurance companies. The F.A.NI.MAR since it was established (1996), has always tried to meet the needs of seafarers to the best of its ability, often intervening so that compensation is sometimes provided even in those cases that do not have all the necessary prerequisites foreseen, but also have to be considered above all for the human implications they highlight.