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Social assistance grants

The social aspects of the Fund are highlighted above all by the fact that it has also provided for benefits of a different nature than those of a medical nature, always within the limits of the resources available from year to year and at the Fund's sole and unquestionable discretion, to help members and their families in particularly difficult situations.

Following the death from natural causes (occurring in the workplace) of the employee already registered and included in the health care
Services aimed at restoring the health of persons temporarily incapacitated by illness or injury (physiotherapy)
Following the death from natural causes of the employee who was already a de facto member under union agreements, which occurred ashore and was unequivocally due to the illness that caused the seaman to disembark
Dental treatment (Only for Sanitary members)
Following the definitive withdrawal of the Navigation Record Book due to illness or accidents from the Captain or Chief Engineer already de facto registered as a result of trade union agreements
Annual benefit for post-operative care and/or rehabilitation therapy following endoprosthesis and arthroprosthesis operations. (Only for members registered with Sanitaria)
Social and/or welfare contribution per day of hospitalisation (Only for members registered with Sanitary)
Birth of a child (Only for Sanitaria members)